Teaching a friend how to become a developer

This course covers the material, methodology and assignments used to teach how to become a developer to your good friends.

Lingua Franca


Today’s world lingua franca is English, therefore the first step in your learning path is to:

  • Change your browser settings to English. Remove all other languages from your browser and change your search engine to default to the US/English version.
  • Start thinking in English. As you start searching and reading only English articles your mind will start thinking and questioning in English.
  • Improve your listening skills. Listen to at least 100 podcasts fromhttp://ecorner.stanford.edu/ and you’ll improve your listening and comprehension skills at the same time that you’ll get familiar with the Technology, Business, Legal, Non for profit landscape lead Silicon Valley.
  • Set your operating system language to English.
  • Once you start coding, buy an US keyboard… the common coding keys are placed in handier location


JavaScript or JS is becoming the lingua franca of the programming languages. We will master this one during the rest of the course.

Source Control

This is a big part of learning how to code.

To get started, register for an account on the following sites:

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