Dotfiles, Git and refactor

Great session we had yesterday.

We talked about many thinks, here comes the summary:

  1. Dotfiles

– There is a big community behind this, a lot of people publish their own personal dotofiles, a good reference page at GitHub
– I have to do some research on this to learn how to update my own personal dotfiles and how to stablish my own preferences.

  1. Git command pull --rebase here are the steps the command does:

– rewind my changes
– pull remote change
– update my working copy
– replay my changes on top of the remote ones

  1. We centered the session on Code Refactoring

– We took the dropdown menu and learned how to put the variables a name that we can use anywere with a meaningful name.
– We went trough the function and we rewrited completely to work as we want it to.
– We added the method options.add()to avoid the mistake with the array empty value at 0. a lot to learn
– We learned how to debug with the chrome console I’ll expand it at the next point

  1. Debbugging with Chrome Console:

– We learned about the bullet points and how to go step by step.
3115035800-Screenshot 2014-12-23 12.07.46
– How to get the options (atributes) out of a variables.

2450256590-Screenshot 2014-12-23 11.18.55
– How to add variables to watch the evolution.

3163826091-Screenshot 2014-12-23 11.52.59


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