NGEN, Grunt & Make

2015 – 02 – 06



First we started talking about NGEN and we used the command npm install -g ngen to insall it globally.

He showed me how he use to work with ngen that depending on the project that he is going to create, he uses one Package that will install everything needed for the project, at the same time that will ask some questions to give the proper details of the project and we’ll be with all the files created, even a file with all the links properly created (really awsome feature).

He shared with me some personal old project-templates since he had that personally before moving it to his company.

MAKE gets its knowledge of how to build your program from a file called the makefile, it is a tool really useful. For what you have specified on the makefile you can start some procesess like a grunt watch livereload, etc.

For a better understanding he suggested me to read the following article

On the way we talked about a shortcut he got called DEL that instead of removing files, it moves them to the trash folder. I got it from his dotfiles but after updating them on my dotfiles, I had to change the permissions so it can execute, not really sure what I am doing wrong.

It was a really intense session, I enjoyed watching AirCrewMentor working. I have a lot to learn but I am willing to put the weight to it.

Objectives next session

  • We didn’t specify objectives for next session.

As always, thanks for everything.


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