Stack trace & Fake Browser


  1. Stack trace
  2. ~~Fake Browser~~ Headless browser


This session was really interesting, we didn’t cover a lot of points, but we focused on an important subject, as it is the testing area and reading the messages that the console was giving us back as a result of the test mocha passed.

1.Stack trace

This is what is called when we track from an error given to the code were the error is happening.

Here we can find the Wikipedia definition and I found a github project called StackTraceJs

Bassically we can say that Stack trace is:

navigate from the stack trace in the Run tool window to the source code that causes problems

We saw that the module lodash wasn’t loading, so we had to require('lodash') at the file itself. So we fixed the formatMoney function.

2.~~Fake Browser~~ Headless browser

To avoid the errors we saw document is not defined we installed the package Jsdom Test Browser so we had a ~~fake Browser~~ Headless browser running, now the error was that the function was getting some information from the HTML document and the document that was being passed by the jsdom-test-browser was empty, it wasn’t passing our markdown document.

So we interrupted the session at this point. We’ll continue with it next day.


New Project – Track Line Map

We are going to develop a map where selecting a flight we can see it’s path drawn on the map.

The main goal is to draw the line given a coordinates in a map.

For it we are going to use the open source project for maps Leafletjs

A good way to explore what other developers have coded in a very succinct way Codepen we can search for similar projects like flights or map

As always, @aircrewmentor thanks for your help and your time. Looking forward to share more together.

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