Wireframe, Throw & NodeJS API


  1. Wireframe
  2. Throw
  3. NodeJS API


Interesting session where we finally fixed the mocha test with some hacking by @aircrewmentor and talked a little bit about Wireframe.

1. Wireframe

This is the way of writing down what the client or ourselves are expecting or want from a web page.

So this is the concept web page with all the functionalities that we need to get to it.

Usually in companies with some size there is a department responsible for this function. It basically consist in asking the client what does he/she want from the web page.

Hear what is the blue sky for the client.

Later we have to bring him/her to the ground of reality and show what his page will do. (or pass a gross bill for the blue sky).

2. Throw

We learned how to “Throw” an error so it is displayed on the terminal when running mocha or at the console.

if (!keyValue) {
throw new Error('Could not find DOM element ' + key + 'Message');

3. NodeJS

We went over the API to use the function fs.readFile and we use it in a synchronous way. where we had to include a callback in mocha.

So we used it to include our HTML in our tests.

before(function(done) {
global.document.body.innerHTML = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../index.html');
testBrowser.jQueryify(function(err) {
calculateMortage = require('../js/calculate_mortage.js');


  • I have to write the Wireframe for our new project with an testable scaffold.
  • Do an small course for NodeJS.
  • I already started with CodeShcool
As always, thanks @aircrewmentor  for your time. Looking forward…

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