API, Makefiles, Enviroment Variable, Envigy and Yeoman.


  1. API – flight files
  2. Makefiles
  3. Enviroment Variable
  4. Envify
  5. Yeoman


1. API – flight files

Started talking about what an API Application Programming Interface means and talked about some sites where I can get the files I need for my project.


2. Makefiles

Fixed a problem that was getting confused the command dist with dist/ adding a % symbol.

dist: dist/js/main.browserify.js

dist/js/main.browserify.js: dist/% $(BROWSERIFY_DEPENDENCIES)
echo "Generating browserify file…"
-g [envify –VERSION $$(make version)
–BUILD_DATE $$(date -u +%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ)]
lib/index.js > $@
echo "Done!"
echo $*
mkdir -p dist
cp -av public/* dist/

Remark: pay attention to the use of $@ that uses the name of the task

3. Enviroment Variable

This was the main subjet of the session. We talked about how the Enviroment Variables are always in capital letters (that is a convention) and how we can change them or use them for our profits.

We can use our NODE_ENV so we can know the mode we are and use it, like the following example:

if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== “production) {
console.log(“Show only when not running in prod”);

Those are variables that affect to the hole system or the process where they are encapsulated.

Per example, we used the following command:

$ NODE_ENV=production make temp

Changing the Environment_variable to show it at the task on make. Really useful if we use this as an restriction tool.

For a more permanently way, we settled the variable on the .Bash_profile

export NODE_ENV="developer";

Then we executed the following commands:

# update the file
$ source .bash_profile
# printed out the value of the variable.
$ echo $NODE_ENV

4. Envify

We had to install Envify to use it at the Makefile like shown on point 2.

5. Yeoman

This is a scaffolding tool that allows you to select the latest trends on scaffolding for the desired tools that you are going to use.


  • Show the project of track maps.
  • Think about a pseudoname for posting all this online.
Thanks for your time @AirCrewMentor, it was a really great session.

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