I’m a professional pilot that have been detected an small problem with my audition, the problem will increase if I don’t resign from my professional pilot life, so I’ve decided to quit (professionally speaking) the aviation (I will never stop flying) and decided to dedicate my life to something more respectful with my health.

I always been good with computers and with the help of a good friend of mine I am going to become a Software Developer.

I know I have a hard and long way ahead of myself but I am sure I’ll get to it, we’ve considered that approximately after 1000 hours I’ll be able to start working as a junior developer.

The language we’ve chosen is the popular JavaScript.

At this blog I’ll post about my progress, a person who knows nothing about JavaScript and how I’ll make a living as a Software Developer.

To simulate the conversations and to differ from the post from my Mentor, I’ll be adding an end line writted by Mentor

Keep tuned, this will be interesting.