Node-Inspector, SMART & Testing.

Session 09-06-2015


  1. Node-Inspector
  2. SMART
  3. Testing Code


1. Node-Inspector

Here we talked about the Node-Inspector that we covered on the previous session, I didn’t get that we had to press play on the browser’s debbuger to be able to send data to our code, so I was getting no response, but now everything is really clear.

I updated our talk from last week and I think I found a faster way of doing the debug, sure there is some price I am paying for doing it this way and I don’t know about yet. @aircrewmentor could tell me if it’s ok.


The SMART Criteria is a trend really useful for project management that can be summarized on the following:

  • Specific – target a specific area for improvement.
  • Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
  • Assignable – specify who will do it.
  • Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
  • Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

we can get a better perception with the following image:


3. Testing Code

We continued testing the code from the map application, I commented that I started following this guide and we went over the Atomus solution for a headless browser.

So we moved a little code on the before section and it became clear that I have a lot of work to do on mocha .

AirCrewMentor uses testem and remarked the importance of using TDD for everything.

So to debug the test we used again Node-Inspector with the following command.

$ mocha test/ -w --debug-brk

with the Node-Inspector opened like we explained before in last chapter we were able to debug the code as well.

I have found Karma to be a useful and trending tool, so we’ll see which one I end up using, for now I am going to start with the course TDD.


Talking about the hard work and the talent, AirCrewMentor commented about a book called Talent is overrated that we can see a summary in this article that basically says that the talent doesn’t exist, only the hard work.


  • TDD
Thanks for your time @aircrewmentor, wish you happy holidays.